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        Battlestar Galactica was a short lived, early sci-fi show with a good original theme. The TV series ran from 1977-1979, and there was also a Galactica 1980 version..which only lasted the 1980 season. The show stared  Lorne Green  as Commander Adama, and  Richard Hatch  as   Captain Apollo In the show, the last battlestar, Galactica fled to save the last of it's culture and to seek help from the thirteenth tribe of humans located on earth. They were plagued continually by a machine race called the Cylons, who's only purpose was to eliminate Humans. To learn more explore one of the categories below.

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colonial history
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        Today a revival for the popular series is under way..many people are working hard to bring it back. Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo) is one. He has written many Battlestar Galactica novels, and is one of the leaders in the revival. The most exciting thing however is the new Movie that is coming out this summer. If you would like to read about it  follow this link.
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